Mart Schrijvers

Mart studied landscape design in Brussels, Belgium, and moved to Berlin in the mid nineties to work as a landscape architect in urban developments.

In 1998 she discovered Gascony, France, and became very involved in the French ceramic-art scene. In 2003, Mart set up her own studio in the Gers’countryside.

The ‘Solstice series’

Seeing nature evolve and weather through different seasons is tremendously inspiring for Mart. Her porcelain work transpires the freshness and potential of an early morning.

Mart first slab-builds or throws a suggestive form in porcelain which subsequently receives the modeled extensions or ‘petals’, in a thoughtful arrangement. It can take up to one month to finish building a piece. Her porcelain artwork must dry very slowly, and handling the raw objects is a delicate process. She glazes her work before a second firing at 1300°C.